Our 3 Step Process

New Egress Window Well Installation

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Step 1: Phone Consultation – Free Estimate

After contacting us about your Free Estimate we will schedule an initial phone consultation. During this consultation we look online at your home’s orientation to the morning and afternoon sun to determine best placement and overall project accessibility. We’ll discuss the different types of egress windows, wells, and window well accessories to best fit your needs.

You’ll learn how we excavate and install your new egress window in just one day using our innovative non-intrusive techniques. We’ll help you select the best value window and well options for your particular needs. We’ll talk about how to calculate the potential increase in your home’s value when you add usable square footage.

Finally we will discuss projected cost and next available install date (typically less than four weeks). Once all your questions have been answered we will send over a fully detailed Preliminary Egress Window Estimate.

Egress Window Consultation

Step 2: In Home Consultation – Job Set Up

Once you decide to move forward with your project it’s time to meet with one of our expert Project Specialists. To do this you’d simply electronically sign the Preliminary Egress Window Estimate, pay our $199 In-Home Consultation fee (credited from the project cost), and schedule a time for us to come out. This in home meeting is an opportunity for our Project Specialist to fully assess your project, take photos, measure, answer questions, and discuss every aspect of your project in detail from start to finish.

In most cases it will be determined that there are ways for you to reduce the Preliminary Egress Window Estimate cost and on rare occasions the project cost may need to be increased. Once this final cost is determined a Home Improvement Contract will be presented for you to sign and the initial 25% deposit will be collected (less the $199 In Home Consultation Fee already paid). We will be in full communication throughout the entire process but at this point your project is basically ready to go so in most cases the next time you will see us in person is the morning of project day!

Egress Window In-Home Consultation

Egress Window Installation

Step 3: Project Day – Egress Window Installation

Most egress window projects can be completed in less than a day. If you have two or more it might take an additional day or two. Our goal is to be “Done in a day and out of your way!” Below is a step by step detail of the typical egress window project.


To facilitate the speedy installation of your basement egress window, we ask that you clear furniture and blinds from around the window prior to our crews’ arrival. The small section of your basement around the window will be enclosed in a plastic sheet to minimize the mess.

EZegress Windows uses equipment specially designed to make your basement egress window installation efficient and non-disruptive. We will protect your landscaping and pathways to the full extent possible using our state of the art roll out construction matting. We make a point of being considerate of your neighbors during our installation process. If it’s impossible to install your egress window without encroaching on a neighbor’s property, we will do so only after you obtain their permission, and we’ll leave virtually zero evidence of our presence upon completion.

Excavation and Foundation Cutting

With EZegress Windows your excavation will be handled by experienced staff using the most advanced equipment and techniques to make this time-consuming, labor-intensive task more efficient and economical. We typically excavate down to the base of the foundation so we can tie directly into the drain tile for optimal drainage to your new window well. Access excavated materials will be removed from the site unless determined otherwise.

Once the hole is excavated and drain tile installed, we begin to cut the hole in your foundation. Our skilled installers use advanced concrete cutting saws to enlarge the opening in your foundation wall. All the cutting is done from the outside, and while the egress window well process is noisy and wet, most of the mess remains on the outside of the wall. Unless determined otherwise, the concrete from the opening (typically 1800 pounds or more) or the concrete block/stone is carefully removed and hauled away.

Basement Window Well Installers

Window Installation

EZegress Windows utilizes innovative egress window well installation techniques for your basement windows that insure the structural stability of the foundation, and the long-term wear of the window framing. Your egress window will be set in place in the opening, and the edges will be sealed with a high-quality, weather-resistant industrial glass sealing gasket rather than caulk.

Window Well Installation

The most important aspect of your egress window well installation is maintaining positive drainage of moisture away from the foundation. To ensure proper drainage EZegress Windows ties directly into your existing foundation drainage system. After we install your window well we carefully tamp down the back-filled dirt around your well and install 500 to 1000 lb of pea gravel in the floor of the hole below the level of the window sill.

Egress Window Installation Day