EZgress Window Wisconsin

3 Step Process

EZegress Windows Wisconsin


To facilitate the speedy installation of your basement egress window, we ask that you clear furniture and blinds from around the window prior to our crews’ arrival. The small section of your basement around the window will be enclosed in a plastic sheet to minimize the mess.

EZegress Windows uses equipment specially designed to make your basement egress window installation efficient and non-disruptive. We will protect your landscaping and pathways to the full extent possible using our state of the art roll out construction matting. We make a point of being considerate of your neighbors during our installation process. If it’s impossible to install your egress window without encroaching on a neighbor’s property, we will do so only after you obtain their permission, and we’ll leave virtually zero evidence of our presence upon completion.

Excavation and Foundation Cutting

Basement Egress Window Waukesha

With EZegress Windows your excavation will be handled by experienced staff using the most advanced equipment and techniques to make this time-consuming, labor-intensive task more efficient and economical. We typically excavate down to the base of the foundation so we can tie directly into the drain tile for optimal drainage to your new window well. Access excavated materials will be removed from the site unless determined otherwise.

Once excavated and drain tile installed, we begin to cut into your foundation. Our skilled installers use advanced concrete cutting saws to accomplish this. They produce no fumes! All the cutting is done from the outside, and while the egress window well process is noisy and wet, most of the mess remains on the outside of the wall. Unless determined otherwise, the concrete from the opening (typically 1800 pounds or more) or the concrete block/stone is carefully removed and hauled away.

Ezegress Windows Waukesha

Window Installation

EZegress Windows Utilizes Innovative Egress Window Well Installation Techniques For Your Basement Windows That Insure The Structural Stability Of The Foundation, And The Long-Term Wear Of The Window Framing. Your Egress Window Will Be Set In Place In The Opening, And The Edges Will Be Sealed With A High-Quality, Weather-Resistant Industrial Glass Sealing Gasket Rather Than Caulk.

Window Well Installation

The Most Important Aspect Of Your Egress Window Well Installation Is Maintaining Positive Drainage Of Moisture Away From The Foundation. To Ensure Proper Drainage EZegress Windows Ties Directly Into Your Existing Foundation Drainage System. After We Install Your Window Well We Carefully Tamp Down The Back-Filled Dirt Around Your Well And Install 500 To 1000 Lb Of Washed Gravel Around The Window Well.

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