Window Types

Types of Windows for your Window Well

There’s a large selection of Egress windows to choose from and the choice is based on a number of factors such as the need for more or less window space, the amount of airflow wanted and how much light is desired are all components of this decision. Two of our most popular styles are casement windows and sliders, with hung and double hung windows coming in close third. Casement and sliding windows are especially popular because of the size and more open feel. All of these options meet IRC 2015 Egress window requirements set forth by local government.

Casement Window

The most popular Egress windows on the market, the casement windows provide a generous amount of opening possibility as well as aesthetic appeal. These windows are also vastly popular because of their small size and affordability. Casement windows are also acceptable under the IRC 2015 Egress window code.

Casement windows are an attractive choice for homeowners for their energy efficiency as well as they are equipped with efficient compression seals and insulation. When open, they allow for generous breeze and sunlight to pass through them. The minimum open window space allowed by casement windows is 20” wide and 24” tall with total minimum opening of 5.7 square foot.

The advantages of choosing casement windows are smaller size and good insulation whereas the disadvantages are minimal if there are any.

Single and Double Hung Window

These windows are a less popular option due to their height requirement, which is 5 ft. They sit vertically, but allow for lots of light to enter the room and provide a traditional look that many homeowners enjoy. Single and double hungs provide a solid alternative to casement and sliding windows.

Sliding Window

Sliders provide an open glass that allow for an exceptional amount of light to enter the room or basement. These windows must be at minimum 48” wide and 48” tall. These windows often look great in a basement due to their larger size. The disadvantage is only their larger size compared to casement window fixtures, but most homeowners find this style an attractive option.

Tilt and Turn Window

This modern alternative to traditional choices is essentially a multi-functional window. It can either be opened horizontally or vertically from the top based upon the direction of the opening lever or handle. This window not only provides great airflow but also doubles as a great entrance or exit to the basement. This window provides added security that you can feel when locking the window, so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re away.

Secure & Code Compliant Window Options

All of these options are extremely secure and comply with both the IRC 2015 and Wisconsin UDC building code Egress window standards. Casement windows are the smallest option whereas single and double-hungs are the largest. Tilt turn and horizontal sliders provide a range of sizing options for you to choose from. Choose the Egress windows that best fit your home and budget and let EZegress install them for you. They will ensure a job well done the first time– you won’t be disappointed!