Egress Window/Well Cost

Expect to pay anywhere from $4800 to $6500 for one egress window installation including all materials (i.e., window, window-well, window-well cover, ladder, gravel, etc..). See Example Estimate. Multiple installations will be less per unit. TO see what your project will cost start by simply clicking the Free Estimate button in the upper corner of this screen. 

Besides the materials, cost is affected by a number of factors; whether the new window well needs to be hand dug or the location can be accessed with a mini excavator which requires a minimum width of 44 inches:  If the new window well is utilizing an existing smaller basement window opening or a completely new window opening needs to be engineered: The type of basement wall; block walls are easier and faster to cut than poured concrete or field stone walls.  The information below will better explain the material items that affect cost.

If you’re a DIY’ER who plans to hire a contractor to only cut the window opening expect to pay about $500 to $700 dollars for just this part of the job.   NOTE:  Unless you have the experience, it is HIGHLY recommended to NOT attempt cutting the opening or the digging of the well with a rented saw and excavator.  


Egress Window Cost

Egress windows alone can cost from $200 to $1500 depending on style, and size.  Casement and sliding windows on the lower end and Single/Double Hung and Tilt-and-Turns on the higher.

Casement Windows

The casement out-swings cost less but many times an in-swing egress window would be a better choice for a basement bedroom application because they don’t need a large window well to open.

Single and Double Hung Window

These windows are a less popular option due to their height requirement, which is 5 ft. They sit vertically, but allow for lots of light to enter the room and provide a traditional look that many homeowners enjoy. Single and double-hung provide a solid alternative to casement and sliding windows but at a higher cost.

Sliding Egress Window

If you’re planning to install an egress window in a basement family room or playroom where plenty of light is desired a 48” or 60” sliding Egress Window would be a good choice. These Sliding Egress Windows can cost around $475 to $700.  A larger well is required to accommodate these windows

Tilt and Turn Window

This modern alternative to traditional choices is essentially a multi-functional window and are the higher priced option. It can either be opened horizontally or vertically from the top based upon the direction of the opening lever or handle. This window not only provides great airflow but also doubles as a great entrance or exit to the basement. This window provides added security that you can feel when locking the window, so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re away.

Egress Well, Ladder and Cover Cost

Egress Window Wells themselves can range from $200 and up, depending on the material used.   Pre-manufactured window wells can range from $200-$1500 and custom retaining wall block installations start at $1500.

Egress Well Ladder  can range from $50-$200 depending on size and materials.

Egress Well Cover  can range anywhere from $150-$1200.  Pre-manufactured covers are the least expensive and are generally matched with a Pre-manufactured window well.  Custom covers are on the higher end and are normal used to cover custom retaining wall block window well installations.